Chiropractic Care: Alleviating Knee Pain and Restoring Mobility

30th, Nov 2023

Chiropractic Care: Alleviating Knee Pain and Restoring Mobility

Nowadays, from young to elderly adults, many people are suffering from knee pain due to various reasons. There is no doubt that knee pain impacts daily life with its persistent aches and limitations. The chiropractor in Mississauga provides tailored solutions to lower knee discomfort, restore function, and enable individuals to lead an active, pain-free lifestyle. If you are suffering from chronic knee pain, contact an expert chiropractor immediately to return to your daily life.

What are the Reasons behind Knee Pain?

Knee pain affects people of all ages due to various reasons. Injuries from falls or twists can damage ligaments, tendons, or bones, causing pain and swelling. Repetitive activities like running or cycling can lead to inflammation and pain. Arthritis, like osteoarthritis from joint wear and tear or rheumatoid arthritis, also causes joint inflammation and stiffness. Patellofemoral pain syndrome (runner's knee) and other conditions like bursitis, gout, or infections can also trigger knee discomfort.

When Should You See a Chiropractor?

Though the severity and location of the knee pain may vary, there are some common symptoms which you should not ignore. If you notice some of the following symptoms, contact an experienced chiropractor in Mississauga. The following are,
  • Pain persists for days or weeks.
  • Stiffness and swelling around the knee.
  • You cannot extend your knee to its full capability
  • Experience instability while walking
  • Notice warmth and redness in the area around the knee

How Does a Chiropractor in Mississauga Help You?

A chiropractor can help you lower knee pain faster than other traditional treatments. First, the professional will evaluate your condition by asking about your previous medical history and also examine your neck, spine and knee. Once the evaluation is done, they will craft a customized solution for your condition. For example, the chiropractor in Mississauga may use Electrical Muscle Stimulation to reduce inflammation and swelling. After that, the expert pays attention to restoring the function of the knee joint. Therefore, the expert may recommend soft tissue massage to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and enhance the range of motion. Also, the expert applies trigger point therapy, which is basically a remedial massage therapy applied on certain body points to eliminate discomfort and pain. In some cases, patients experience knee pain due to a misalignment of the spine; in that case, the chiropractor may use a spinal adjustment to fix the problem and regain the balance.

Achieve a Higher Quality of Life!

If you or your loved ones are suffering from any type of knee pain, don't hesitate to get professional help. You may suffer from this problem for several reasons, but expert chiropractic care may help. To learn more about it, contact our expert chiropractor at Goreway Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre in Mississauga.