Patient Info

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Our goal is to help our clients return to work, sports or pre-injury lifestyles as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Call our office at 905 612 8222 or email at or click here to request an appointment

  • To schedule an appointment
  • To get to know about the insurance coverage and benefits before your appointment.
  • For general queries regarding your health issues related to physiotherapy.

We Cover 

* Auto Insurance / MVA Claims

* Workplace Injuries

* Extended Health Plans

* OHIP – only Physiotherapy services

What to bring on your first visit?

  • Please come at least 15 minutes early to fill up the forms. Arriving early to the clinic is helpful to you & our team as well to prepare /answer your queries.  
  • If the booking is through call or email, we will send you the intake forms or download from our website. You can fill it before your appointment and send (by email) them to save your time.
  • Bring your health card, extended health Insurance plan details and your photo ID.
  • Bring your past medical report, Doctor Prescription, current medications if you have it.
  • You can come with your queries that you want to discuss with your therapist. It will help the therapist to plan goal oriented care.

What to expect?

Once your intake process done by our front desk, you will be seen by therapist for your assessment. They ask you about

  • Your chief complaint
  • Current medical history such as any injury/ fall, functional limitations
  • Your past health history
  • Your therapist will collect more data by assessing your movements, strength, and coordination.

Feel free to ask questions, be honest and have a open communication with your therapist for better understanding.

  • Our main goal is to help you in a best possible way, so please make sure to discuss with your therapist if you have any doubts and queries.
  • Our therapist are efficient to plan and prepare treatment to ensure the fast recovery and best outcome.
  • Treatment usually performed after the assessment.
  • Our therapist will provide you the Exercise sheet and precautions to follow (if any) on your first visit.
  • Time of treatment session is patient specific.
  • The findings and treatment plan with your consent, if required can be discussed with your other medical professional.
  • You can book follow up appointments at front desk as suggested by your treating therapist after initial assessment.