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Frequently Asked Questions

What is physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy is a primary health care profession that promotes wellness, mobility and independent function. Physiotherapists have advanced understanding of how the body moves, what keeps it from moving well and how to restore mobility.

What does a physiotherapist do?
A licensed physiotherapist is an expert on analyzing how the body moves and functions. Your therapist will ask you to describe your condition, as well as your history. He will diagnose your condition and develop a treatment plan to reduce pain and improve your mobility. Your therapist will also advise you on how to manage your condition independently and prevent recurrences or complications.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?
No referral is necessary to participate in physiotherapy treatment. However, patients are advised to check details of their extended health benefits, as some plans require a physician’s referral in order to get treatment costs reimbursed.

How do I book the appointment?
The best way to get started is to call us at the clinic. Our friendly front staff will be glad to help you schedule a time that fits your schedule.

Does insurance cover my services?
If you have extended health benefits, or have been involved in an automobile or workplace accident, then your treatment cost should be covered by them. Our front desk staff would be happy to assist you with any questions regarding your insurance coverage for our services.

How long does a treatment session take and how many appointments do I need?
Initial assessment will last 45 minutes to one hour and involves a detailed assessment by one of our certified physiotherapists, followed by a treatment session. All appointment times are one-on-one with your therapist. Generally, follow-up treatment sessions are 30-45 minutes. The number of sessions you will need depends on your condition. Your therapist will discuss this with you after your initial consultation.

What do I need to bring with me?
We ask our patients to wear clothing appropriate to the type and area of injury. Normally shorts and a t-shirt or tank top is sufficient. You should also bring any test reports, medical documentation and details of work or auto injury information (including the claim number, contact name and phone number).

Are you in contact with my doctor?
Yes, an initial report will be sent to your family or referring doctor. During the course of your treatment, your therapist will communicate with your doctor to make sure progress or outcomes are met.

How do I pay?
Our clinic services are covered by:
Extended health insurance plans that will usually cover all or at least a portion of the cost
Motor vehicle insurance plans that cover injuries sustained in auto accidents
WSIB covers work-related injuries as long as formal paperwork completed and valid claim number assigned
OHIP (if you are aged 65 and older, aged 19 and younger or an ODSP & OW recipient, please call to find for eligibility criteria)

*We take personal cheques, cash, Visa, MasterCard and debit.

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